Sunday, May 10, 2009

Magic Wand of Life

No one have this magic wand of life.As much as we think,God have this magic wand.But suppose if God is very much impressed by your work and want to give this wand.

Question is "What you do with that wand?"

Condition:This wand can do only good and bad things.But if you use for destruction,Then god get it back from you.


  1. Honestly...I make myself a millionaire and go from there!

  2. Take all the pain of mankind and the animals away forever.

  3. I would have Obama (all politicians) give the people full transparency of what exactly happens with the most advanced technologies and programs on earth.

    I would want to know the highest most in Worldly knowledge and secrets, and be part of the team that is responsible for climbing to the top of a very large mountain, with a very large amplifier system and golden microphone, and one by one, categorically read each and every meaningful (and meaningless depending on your point of view) point.

  4. and a chocolate cheesecake each week that wont make you gain any weight even if you eat the whole thing