Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Overcome the Fear That Comes Along With Goal Achieving

Many times in our lives, we are faced with a decision to move forward in the direction of our dreams. We can see the goal just up ahead, and all we need to do is act. But we stand still, we do not act, and we stay where we are. Why do we do this to ourselves over and over again? Why do we stay in the abusive relationships, the unhealthy environments, the minimum wage job, when really there is an unlimited supply for all of us?

The first step is for us to understand the way we are working, to understand our conscious and subconscious mind.

Step 2

Our conscious mind is where we have the ability to build beautiful pictures for ourselves of the lives we want to be living (although most people rarely use this ability to it's positive). We have really been conditioned to imagine the worst case scenario. And guess what happens? Usually, the worst case scenario, or something quite close to it. Second step: Imagine the best life you could possibly live. What does that look like in your conscious mind?

Step 3

You need to understand that the images you are holding in your conscious mind, when you imagine them over and over again, when you become emotionally involved with them though any of your emotions. Those pictures sink into your marvelous and mysterious subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is what is dictating the actions that you are taking in your life.

I want to use an example that I have heard from people in the past. I knew a lady who continually found herself in negative relationships. She always asked me "why do I keep attracting men to me who are so abusive and negative". She did not understand that her father was abusive to her mother. Her first boyfriend was abusive, her next boyfriend was abusive. She had a cycle that she had created for herself. In her conscious mind she pictured herself in these situations. That's all she really knew. She never took the time and energy to think about what kind of relationship she would prefer. What would a positive, loving relationship look like to her?

Step 4

Okay, now you may say, "I know what kind of relationship I want though, and I know what kind of home I want to live in. I can see it clearly in my mind." That's great! I'm proud of you and you should be proud of yourself for creating your life the way you want to, regardless of what is going on around you. That's the next step. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Step 5

This is where most people stop. They WISH and they HOPE and they really would like something different, something better in their lives. But they begin to feel afraid. The new idea of a better life is so far from what they are currently experiencing that they let the fear stop them and they go right back into their old ways of being and thinking, wishing and hoping for "better luck." That's step five: Be aware of that fear. Know that the fear is only your old subconscious conditioning trying to get in the way of your new ideas for yourself.

Step 6

Let's use the abusive relationship again. You're in the relationship and you see a better life for yourself. You imagine it over and over, and BANG! All of a sudden you see a way out. You have been given the gift of an intuitive idea. You know that you can change things, you become afraid, but this time you recognize the fear, you step through the fear in ACTION. You take action in whichever positive way you can and you break the old conditioned behavior. You say "oh wow, that was easier than I thought. Why was I so afraid?" It can be challenging to create a better life for yourself, but when you see what it is that has been holding you back all this time, a beautiful life will come rapidly. Keep stepping in the direction of your dreams. Never let fear stop you from being the beautiful, positive, shining light that you are.

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