Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Okay To Cry

Any kind of loss-be it disappointment,setback,the ending of something,any kind of parting,break-up with a partner and death of someone close-warrants proper grieving.The truth is we need time to grieve and heal.We can't get over something quickly,we can only move on progressively.

Moving on does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean shutting out from memory what has happened.It is not the burying of the past and carrying on with life, because it is humanly impossible to forget significant occurences in one's life.What is significant for one need not be for another and one of the most damaging ways to ask a person to 'move on' is to dilute the significance of occurence.Trivialising occurences, however inconsequential they may be, is not the best way to help another cope.

But why most of us do this? Because we are ill at ease with emotions and to most, grief has been defined as a bad and negative emotion. With these ideas, people become afraid to emote, and grief becomes something to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

"Grief is not depression.It is sadness, which is healthy and appropriate. In sadness, people appraise their loss and comprehend the disadvantages that accrue. So a person who brought pleasure to your life and who is now no more, may bring some barrenness for you. You will miss him, be sentimental about the good times and reminisce about the bonds you shared."

"Grieving is the human beings innate mechanism to restore emotional balance following separation of a loved one.As the emotional rheostat gets disturbed and is in turmoil, a natural process of weeping and sharing begins. This continues for at least a month. This tune of the mind, if blocked, can explode elsewhere in the body. As wound heals, any method to accelerate or delay it, is harmful. Unexpected separation and death of loved ones, such as a child or young adult, may take longer, look for depression, which may need treatment."

That's why i m saying that-

"Its OKAY to CRY"

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